Seeking new directions ... for Autism control

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TRI intends to provide all supplements and other interventions without charge.


We have no extrnal support and rely on contributions from benefactors to undertake our mission.  Thus the support of benefactors is essential to our ability to undertake the TRI mission.


Please consider supporting this enterprise since you will be instrumental in affecting the vast number of people affected by autism.  Your assistance is not going toward research which may or may not prove of any value 20 years from now -- your help will directly help families with autism quite directly and valuably -- immediately.



Steven Evans by emailing to and leave a phone number in your email so we can get back in touch with you.


-- or if you prefer --  you may simply send a check [payable to TRI] to



418 N. 38th Street

Omaha, NE  68131


We will send you a confirmation [of its tax-deduction status] since we are a 501(c)(3) Public Charity.

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