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Using The Rife Frequency Application -- Strategy #3

The Rife Machine -- A Bioresonance Device



Every living and none living thing has its own resonant frequency. Every organ of the body has its own individual resonant frequency, much like the note of a tuning fork. All bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi also have their own frequencies. When an organ such as the liver gets sick, the frequency usually drops. For example, the lungs resonate at a frequency of 72 cycles per second, which is also known as Hertz. If the lungs develop an infection, then the frequency will change, usually dropping a few hertz.


If we can produce the same frequency as a healthy lung using a frequency generator, then we can help the lung to recuperate its normal functioning. The body heals and rebalances itself when it is connected to healthy frequencies. This is the principle of BIORESONANCE. If we take a crystal wine glass as another example, this also has its own resonant frequency around 500 Hertz. If we can produce a sound at the same frequency and stand the glass in front of a speaker, then the glass will absorb this frequency and break. This is the phenomenon of RESONANCE.

In the same way, microbes also have their own resonant frequencies – if we can match these frequencies then the microbes will absorb this energy and burst. You can see this happening in videos on the web with frequencies killing a parasite. There have been many researchers that have worked on energy medicine and bioresonance this century such as Dr Rife, Dr. Voll, Dr. Schimmel, Dr. Morell and others. In addition, unknown to the West, the Russians have worked in the background and made breathtaking discoveries in this field.


The Russians conducted extensive studies on over 25,000 people and established an accurate system of analyzing and reinforcing energetic health of the organs, and their connection to specific areas on the skin (dermal-visceral zones). The Russian space program uses this technology because it enables convenient and non-invasive monitoring and enhancing of the health of their cosmonauts. Over the last 20 years the Russian scientists have developed small, portable devices that are innovative and cutting-edge.


As a result of these devices’ action, a weakened organ receives energy needed for normal functioning, which is redistributed on a wide scale, restoring the workability of effected organs. In this way, These devices allow one, with the aid of a weak electromagnetic field, to elicit a resonance within organs and systems, thus harmonizing the operation of the whole organism. Thousands of people have been able to cut down on their dosages of medicines, and in some cases have entirely stopped taking them and have regained excellent health. In Rsussia, Rife devices have undergone clinical trials with many thousands of patient suffering many different health problems, as well as being certified by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Republic. These devices have also been patented in 73 different countries, as well as having won many certificates and awards


An FDA Variation Approved for Cancer Treatment

Tumor Treating Fields is the name given to low-intensity electrical fields emitted by a range of new medical devices. The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has approved subtle energy treatments for patients as an alternative to chemotherapy. The non-invasive treatment by Novocure uses "Tumor Treating Fields" (NovoTTF) to treat cancerous growths and is now available for adult patients with recurring brain tumors (recurrent glioblastoma or GBM). The treatment delivers electric fields to a patient utilizing a portable, wearable device that permits the patient to maintain normal daily activities without down time.


The point is: The FDA on one hand says they are not aware of any usefulness of Rife machines and on the other hand have approved precisely this as a FDA-approved treatment for brain cancer following FDA-governed trials.  The rest of the world [outside of the the USA's FDA] have recognized the value of Rife machine applications for decades.



TRI Bio-Resoanace Research Using a Rife Research

TRI has been doing extensive research in using bio-resonance through the application of Rife machines for a wide number of disorders including cancer. Cancer was the primary target when it was first invented. I will give a brief history of the Rife machine, and then provide some information as to what we have been learning. Rife machine therapy works by generating resonating or sound frequencies specific to each disease-causing microorganism, at an intensity that causes its cells to disintegrate. The resonating Rife frequencies enter the body through electrodes designed for the feet and/or the hands. Floor mats have recently become available to free up the hands. It also works on the gene context [the epigenetic surrounding area] when selected frequencies can normalize some gene expressions. This bears on such areas as autism [for which a number of clients have responded quite favorably].


The power of adding the Rife application is that there are settings for not only autism but also other potentially etiological [autism-creating] factors such as inflammation, toxic agents, fungal agents, etc. which can also be addressed with Rife settings for the client in our Study.



Rife machine therapy was developed by Royal R. Rife, a brilliant scientific researcher who discovered the Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MOR) of over 50 disease-causing pathogens. His main research and work was conducted between 1920 and 1934, and his brilliance and discoveries were honorably mentioned in the Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution of June 30, 1944. According to and the Smithsonian Institution, Dr. Rife discovered the electron frequencies of specific microorganisms, as he researched ways to visualize them through his Universal microscope at 60,000 times magnification.


Benefits and Side effects

By increasing each microorganism's electron frequency, the cellular structure of the microorganisms became compromised and unstable, and Dr. Rife's technology was then able to destroy them. Most pathogenic microorganisms have weak and unstable cell walls. Rife machine therapy does not target normal body cells, whose cell membranes are not affected by these resonating frequencies. According to Rife as well as subsequent, more extensive research, the side effects are minimal, and are usually associated with the accumulation and detoxification process of the pathogenic debris. From this beginning, Rife machine applications have expanded to more than 3500 disease conditions.



There is much controversy surrounding the practice of using Rife machines. In prior decades  the US Food and Drug Administration had prohibited its medical use in the United States, declaring it illegal. Then natural health care specialists and medical researchers were allowed to use the device, but only for experimental purposes [which is our only purpose]. Furthermore, the FDA has not officially documented any of its claims, and the original Rife machine was not patented.  As we see from the comment above, there is now a FDA-approved bioronsonance device for brain cancer.  So there has been slow progres.


Virtually all of the original Rife machines were confiscated and then systematically destroyed by the government, all of his original notes and documentation all burned completely, and its original design has been challenging to duplicate. Only in recent years have machines reasonably faithful to the original design become available. Current models in fact now can exceed the original machines’ capabilities. Rife research is pursed extensively outside the US, and Rife machines are widely used in other parts of the world, including Germany and China.


TRI Research

For a number of years, we have been investigating how effective Rife machines may be for a number of disease states. We located what we thought was an effective and reliable supplier, and have been using their machines in a wide range of settings. We do NOT sell the machines nor have any financial connection to that company – the advantage with cooperating with them has been that they are also very cooperative and share discoveries they make and we share ours with them. The cost of the machine is about $970 which includes some key, quite useful extras.


Strategy #3 -- Using the Rife in controlling autism

For our initial Study, we bought Rife machines for all the participants.  We programmed it so that it would address not only autism but also a number of other issues that researchers believe may be involved with autism.  So we added a setting for inflammation, detoxification, the removal of fungal

agents, etc.  The clients ran the autism setting along with the other settings  on a suggested schedule.


In the Study as reported and published in a medical journal by TRI, clients obtained a 39% significant reduction in autism behaviors while the Harvard-Hopkins group obtained a 34% reduction using just the supplement [Strategy #1].  Since our group numbers were small, it is not certain the Rife addition accounted for this difference although TRI currently believes this is the strongly possible basis for the added improvement.


For now, we are listing this as Strategy #3 for the simple reason we do not have any additional funds to buy and supply a Rife to additional participants.  Once TRI can do it, we will add this to the combined regimen.  It is possible that some individual families may elect to add this additional strategy on their own, and if so, they may work with TRI to obtain the implementation Protocol we developed for the first group in our Study.


Until we can obtain funding for each client, if a client desires, we will buy a machine for them, program it for the client, and then send it to the client. This also gives us an opportunity to do a modest amount of quality control on each unit. One very crucial function on one unit was found to be inoperative [as we were programing it for the client], and so we had the manufacturer swap it out for another immediately. Our goal is to then work closely with clients to see what if any progress is being made. In turn the clients are requested to send a donation to TRI [a 501(c)(3) non-profit] of $970 [the total cost of the unit, a mat, bands, shipping, etc.] since we do not at this time have the internal funding to provide them free of charge. The client of course can purchase directly from the company if they wish – it doesn’t make us any difference.


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